2020-03-31 11:23:23 Source: Game Download Edit: Blood River Comments (0) Some time ago, G Fat mentioned in the interview that the development team will “rebuild” Artifact. A few days ago, “Artifact” officially released a new announcement that introduced an overview of the beta plan. Lets take a look. The following is the official announcement: This week, we want to talk about the beta version of Artifact, what are included in it, and when will it be launched. The first thing we always pay attention to is the change in gameplay. The biggest change is the ability to zoom out the view so that players can see all three lines at the same time. Most of the effects are still on the corresponding single line, so this aspect remains the same, but players are less likely to be unable to play cards as before. We also strive to make this game easier to use. We no longer sell cards, so you wont fight against an opponent with a good hand. We also added a new draft mode: Hero Draft, which will let you experience the taste of creating your own deck without pressure. The beta version will be launched as a new executable, and access will be granted to individual accounts. When we are ready to send out the invitation, we will let you know its process. The following is the current roadmap: Testing something boring \u003c-We are at this stage. A little bit of invitation will be sent to the original player first (it will gradually increase like Dota 2). Develop a beta version and eventually transition to public beta. End the test (hopefully faster than Dota 2). FAQ: Q: I have not played the original version. Can I join the test if I buy the original game now? Answer: No. We will prioritize players who bought the game before today. Q: I have played the original version, can I still access my own statistics, cards, decks, etc. in the original game? Answer: In the new version, cards will be unlocked during the game. Individual cards may be changed, removed, or renewed, so old decks and statistics are no longer valid. Q: Can I buy cards / card packs in the beta? Answer: We already have some ideas about what will be sold, but it will not be a card / card pack. Q: I am a media person, celebrity, anchor, influencer, professional player … Can I participate in the test? Answer: The selection is basically random. So … is it possible?


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